Exhibitors information

Registration Fees 

In-person and Virtual Exhibitors / Employers / Employment Agencies ($1195) ex HST and Stripe booking fees

In-person Exhibitors / Employers / Employment Agencies ($650) ex HST and Stripe booking fees

In-person Non-Profit Organizations ($450*) ex HST and Stripe Booking fees

Virtual Exhibitors / Employers / Employment Agencies ($650) ex HST and Stripe booking fees

Virtual Non-Profit Organizations ($450*) ex HST and Stripe booking fees

* Non-profit is defined as a type of organization that does not earn profits for its owners. All of the money earned by or donated to the organization contribute to operational costs only. Non-profits are tax-exempt, and therefore they do not pay income tax on the money that they receive for their organization.  Organizations that are Incorporated or companies that are Limited do not qualify for this rate.  This rate is not available to publicly funded organizations, government departments or educational institutions.

* HST (15%) is to be added to booth prices

Cancellation Policy

​Booth cancellations received in writing prior to Apr 27, 2023 will be refunded less a $75 administrative fee. Cancellations received before Apr 11, 2022 will be eligible for a 50% refund. Cancellations received after May 1st, 2022 will not be refunded. Cancellations and substitutions should be forwarded to info@diversityemployment.ca


Third-Party Recruiters

​The BIPOC Atlantic Job Fair’s policy on Third-Party Recruiters is in accordance with the accepted practices of the Employers (CACEE) Ethical Recruitment Guidelines.

Third-party recruiters are defined as agencies, organizations or individuals recruiting candidates for temporary, part-time, or full-time employment on behalf of others and not for their own needs.  The following guidelines for third-party recruiters have been established to best meet the needs of students, employers and the Diversity Employment Network: 

No direct referrals will be made to vacancies listed by third-party recruiters without posting and/or contacting candidates with the information relating to the position. 

Candidates’ resumes must not be held in the files of the third-party recruiter for later referral to other positions unless authorized by the candidate.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the employer need to create a ‘booth’ or ‘virtual site’?

The vFairs Platform has created an automated process to create and populate each Exhibitor’s Booth. Once participation is confirmed, our team will send you a link to begin the process. Employers will be provided a range of booth templates to choose from. Once completed, company information, logos, job posting details, etc. will be uploaded.

What’s included with the virtual booth?

Each booth includes the following items:

  • Company profile
  • Contact information
  • Links to Company Website, Social Media Pages, Career Sites, etc.
  • Video Vignettes (if desired)
  • Upload docs and presentations

Will Employer upload all their job postings?

All job posting will be upload through the Booth Setup link. Additional assistance will be provided for those companies with more than 15 job postings.

Does someone need to “man” the site each day during the Virtual?

No – an employer can check on his/her postings or search the database anytime. Each employer will be assigned an admin account after registering to which they can login and check their account.

How long will the employer have access to the database search?

The Searchable Resume Database will be available 7 days prior to the event and 30 days post-event.

Can the employer chat with job seekers during the virtual event?

Yes. Recruiters can chat with job seekers during the virtual event. Employers can do group chat as well as private chat with job seekers.

How does the customer access the Search Profiles Database?

Once participation has been confirmed, Exhibitors will be sent login details and will be able to:

  • View their booth and chat with job seekers
  • Click on the Search Profiles tab on the Tool Bar to search profiles by; the highest level of education, the field of expertise, the current industry employed in, current job title, city candidate is seeking employment at.

What if I need assistance or a ‘walk-through’ of the site?

Technical and Customer Service help is available by emailing bipocjobfair.vfairs.com.